The 2024 Arizona Goth Festival featuring Fact Pattern, Belfry Bats, and Josue Kinter in Phoenix, AZ

02/10/24 | Phoenix, AZ

Fact Pattern / Belfry Bats / Josue Kinter

Contracult, Invalid, and Fact Pattern at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA

09/16/23 | Hollywood, CA

Contracult / Inva//id / Fact Pattern

Elegy Ensemble and Fallout present Snakes of Russia, Fact Pattern, and Dread Risks at Knucklehead in Los Angeles, CA

07/27/23 | Los Angeles, CA

Snakes of Russia / Fact Pattern / Dread Risks

Sucka Punch presents Julien-K and Fact Pattern at Transplants Brewing Company in Palmdale, CA

05/19/23 | Palmdale, CA

Julien-K / Fact Pattern

Vert Ventures presents Fact Pattern, Phaeic, Invalid, and Tsaffire at The Slipper Clutch in Los Angeles, CA

03/31/23 | Los Angeles, CA

Fact Pattern / Phaeic / Inva//id / Tsaffire

Elegy Ensemble and Fallout present Contracult, Fact Pattern, and Mellow Code at Knucklehead in Los Angeles, CA

03/16/23 | Los Angeles, CA

Contracult / Fact Pattern / Mellow Code

Fact Pattern, Pain Behavior, and Severed at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA

11/19/22 | Hollywood, CA

Fact Pattern / Pain Behavior / Severed

ushing Down the Walls presents Fact Pattern, Sister Schools, The Keeper, and Drewthatraps at Por Siempre in Pomona, CA

09/18/22 | Pomona, CA

Fact Pattern / Sister Schools / The Keeper / Drewthatraps

Danse Macabre presents Cathedral Nightclub with Vertigo Shock, Fact Pattern, and The Wheal, with DJs JPEG01, Le Apples, DJ Eser, and Jose Shuton at Bricks Rock Bar in Maywood, CA

06/04/22 | Maywood, CA

Vertigo Shock / Fact Pattern / The Wheal

Audioeclectica's Birthday Bash with Alphamega, Royalty Kult, Centershift, Don't Panic, and Fact Pattern at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood, CA

05/06/2022 | North Hollywood, CA

Alphamega / Royalty Kult / Centershift / Don't Panic / Fact Pattern

Stuntdriver, Fact Pattern, Lotto, Belted Sweater, and CTHTR at Transplants Brewing Co. in Palmdale, CA

04/23/2022 | Palmdale, CA

Stuntdriver / Fact Pattern / Lotto / Belted Sweater / CTHTR

Realize, Black Magnet, and Fact Pattern at Bricks Rock Bar in Maywood, CA

04/15/2022 | Maywood, CA

Realize / Black Magnet / Fact Pattern

Spirit In The Room, Fact Pattern, and Chainsaw Rainbow at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA

02/13/2020 | West Hollywood, CA

Spirit In The Room / Fact Pattern / Chainsaw Rainbow

Mortiis, TOMB, Fact Pattern, and Malfet at The Catch One in Los Angeles, CA

02/07/2020 | Los Angeles, CA

Mortiis / TOMB / Fact Pattern / Malfet

At Home In Hell at BLVD, Los Angeles, CA

07/02/2019 | Los Angeles, CA

Decimation of Gods / Gwarizama / Fact Pattern

I:Scintilla, Iris, and Fact Pattern at El Cid, Los Angeles, CA

06/29/2019 | Los Angeles, CA

I:Scintilla / Iris / Fact Pattern

Fact Pattern: A Form To Be Tour at The Shelde Building, Chandler, AZ

05/02/2019 | Chandler, AZ

Fact Pattern: A Form To Be Tour

Metal Mondays with Fact Pattern, S.Y.B.O.T., and Potione at Hoots Pub, Amarillo, TX

04/29/2019 | Amarillo, TX

Fact Pattern / S.Y.B.O.T. / Potione

Shadows + Rhythm Synth Event with Fact Pattern at Elysium, Austin, TX

04/27/2019 | Austin, TX

Mr. Kitty / PRIMO / Provision / Fact Pattern / Weird Wolves

Industrial Revolution with Fact Pattern, Umbra, and Mute at The Guillotine, San Antonio, TX

04/26/2019 | San Antonio, TX

Fact Pattern / Umbra / Mute

Perturbator, Gost, and Fact Pattern at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX

04/25/2019 | Austin, TX

Perturbator / Gost / Fact Pattern

Fact Pattern, Akardia, Dementhia, and Heinous Mutation at RockHouse, El Paso, TX

04/23/2019 | El Paso, TX

Fact Pattern / Akardia / Dementhia / Heinous Mutation

Gravity Override with Macro, MAL, With Our Arms To The Sun, and Fact Pattern at Music Space Annex, Van Nuys, CA

04/20/2019 | Van Nuys, CA

Macro / MAL / With Our Arms To The Sun / Fact Pattern

SkumLove with Against the Grave, Midnight Nightmare, and Fact Pattern at The Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA

02/14/2019 | West Hollywood, CA

Against the Grave / Midnight Nightmare / Fact Pattern

With Our Arms to the Sun and Fact Pattern at The Mint, Los Angeles, CA

01/04/2018 | Los Angeles, CA

With Our Arms To The Sun / Fact Pattern

Archons, Old Iron, Andraus, and Fact Pattern at The Lexington, Los Angeles, CA

10/02/17 | Los Angeles, CA

Archons / Old Iron / Andraus / Fact Pattern

Metal Assault presents The Chronicles of Witch Taint: A True Black Metal Comedy with Fact Pattern at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA

09/06/17 | Los Angeles, CA

The Chronicles of Witch Taint: A True Black Metal Comedy

Metal Assault: The Rare Breed and Fact Pattern at Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA

08/17/17 | San Diego, CA

Metal Assault in San Diego Vol. 3: The Rare Breed, Fact Pattern

Take Over and Destroy, Bruce Lamont, Andraus, and Fact Pattern at 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA

06/20/17 | Los Angeles, CA

Take Over and Destroy / Bruce Lamont / Andraus / Fact Pattern

The Terrorsaurs, Mindscar, and Fact Pattern at 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA

04/11/17 | Los Angeles, CA

The Terrorsaurs / Mindscar / Fact Pattern

Author & Punisher, Bruce Lamont, Sanford Parker, and Fact Pattern at Complex, Glendale, CA

04/01/17 | Glendale, CA

Author & Punisher / Bruce Lamont / Sanford Parker / Fact Pattern