At Home In Hell at BLVD, Los Angeles, CA

07/02/2019 | Los Angeles, CA

Decimation of Gods / Gwarizama / Fact Pattern

I:Scintilla, Iris, Fact Pattern at El Cid, Los Angeles, CA

06/29/2019 | Los Angeles, CA

I:Scintilla / Iris / Fact Pattern

Metal Mondays with Fact Pattern, S.Y.B.O.T., Potione at Hoots Pub, Amarillo, TX

04/29/2019 | Amarillo, TX

Fact Pattern / S.Y.B.O.T. / Potione

Shadows + Rhythm Synth Event with Fact Pattern at Elysium, Austin, TX

04/27/2019 | Austin, TX

Mr. Kitty / PRIMO / Provision / Fact Pattern / Weird Wolves

Industrial Revolution with Fact Pattern, Umbra, Mute at The Guillotine, San Antonio, TX

04/26/2019 | San Antonio, TX

Fact Pattern / Umbra / Mute

Perturbator, Gost, Fact Pattern at Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX

04/25/2019 | Austin, TX

Perturbator / Gost / Fact Pattern

Fact Pattern, Akardia, Dementhia, Heinous Mutation at RockHouse, El Paso, TX

04/23/2019 | El Paso, TX

Fact Pattern / Akardia / Dementhia / Heinous Mutation

Gravity Override with Macro, MAL, With Our Arms To The Sun, Fact Pattern at Music Space Annex, Van Nuys, CA

04/20/2019 | Van Nuys, CA

Macro / MAL / With Our Arms To The Sun / Fact Pattern

SkumLove with Against the Grave, Midnight Nightmare, Fact Pattern at The Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA

02/14/2019 | West Hollywood, CA

Against the Grave / Midnight Nightmare / Fact Pattern

With Our Arms to the Sun, Fact Pattern at The Mint, Los Angeles, CA

01/04/2018 | Los Angeles, CA

With Our Arms To The Sun / Fact Pattern

Archons, Old Iron, Andraus, Fact Pattern at The Lexington, Los Angeles, CA

10/02/17 | Los Angeles, CA

Archons / Old Iron / Andraus / Fact Pattern

Metal Assault presents The Chronicles of Witch Taint: A True Black Metal Comedy with Fact Pattern at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA

09/06/17 | Los Angeles, CA

The Chronicles of Witch Taint: A True Black Metal Comedy

Metal Assault: The Rare Breed, Fact Pattern at Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA

08/17/17 | San Diego, CA

Metal Assault in San Diego Vol. 3: The Rare Breed, Fact Pattern

Take Over and Destroy, Bruce Lamont, Andraus, Fact Pattern at 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA

06/20/17 | Los Angeles, CA

Take Over and Destroy / Bruce Lamont / Andraus / Fact Pattern

The Terrorsaurs, Mindscar, Fact Pattern at 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA

04/11/17 | Los Angeles, CA

The Terrorsaurs / Mindscar / Fact Pattern

Author & Punisher, Bruce Lamont, Sanford Parker, Fact Pattern at Complex, Glendale, CA

04/01/17 | Glendale, CA

Author & Punisher / Bruce Lamont / Sanford Parker / Fact Pattern